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What the fuck is wrong with the word fuck on Twitch?

A thought….how is the word fuck worse than goddamn on Twitch? The reason behind this is I got called out for using the word “fark” in another streamer’s channel. The mod said that I was working around the filter for the oh so dreaded F word. Whoops my bad, I was just chatting and did not mean to sully the channel’s forthright and magnanimous approach to positivity while the streamer said goddamn or god dammit 5-6 times in a 2-minute span.  This made me wonder about the word fuck and how it can be perceived as more negative than any other curse word in the Twitch-verse.

I grew up with religion in my life for a lot of years and cursing was frowned upon in most circles, but quite a few folks cussed on a normal basis. The one word that would get you in a heap of trouble was goddamn or any derivative of “taking the Lord’s name in vain”. I am not a religious person and never have been but the word goddamn trumps the word fuck any day. This might be my upbringing talking here and I view one curse word is no worse than another. To me, these words are just another form of expression and you are free to use or not use them but I don’t understand how you judge one word being more negative than another. This dirty and horrible word fuck has gotten a stigma attached to it on Twitch and apparently goes against the moral fiber amongst several streamers.

I see a lot of folks use every other word but the dreaded “f-bomb”. Is there a difference between fuck, shit, bitch and so on? I get the idea that some people want a PG stream or more family/work appropriate environment and that is fine. But on the other hand, people are dropping every other curse word but fuck (well cunt is another one that gets knickers in a knot too). I think is it utterly ridiculous and if you deem one curse word as bad, negative, over the top then all words of the same nature should be bundled on with this word. I know that I can look at the TV and here several curse words being used and society (for the most part) accepts it and moves on. But damn let’s get real and take a look at this. Shit, damn, hell and bitch are common words we hear on TV and no one bats an eye but let a movie or show say fuck and everyone will lose their shit (we are talking non-cable stations here people). All I can say is well fuck me that people think that fuck is worse than bitch any day of the week.

I have been streaming since November of 2016 and just been myself at all times. I am a person that curses and I am not changing that for anyone. I thought about trying this more PG approach to streaming and thought hell I have to do this at my job, around others, and at the in-laws. Why should I do this in gaming or streaming?  This is not me. I can do it and maybe be a bigger streamer but I would be fake and be lying to myself. I have asked myself these questions when thinking about the impact that cussing has on my stream:

  • Using the F word (fuck) make me any less of person?
  • Am I am some kind of degenerate?
  • Do I lack the vocabulary to carry on a conversation and have to resort to “gutter talk” to make my point?
  • What will people think if say these “dirty and nasty words”?
  • Would I do this in front of kids?
  • What would Jesus do?  (OK, this is not true but damn it is funny)

I answer these questions the same every time.  Fuck it, I am not going to bend for others. I am going to be me. I stream for shits and giggles and to meet folks to chat and game with. That is my sole purpose and I want the people I meet to be real. How can I ask them to be real when I am not being real? What you see is what you get. Don’t like my way of expressing myself then move on there are other streamers out there that appeal to your way of thinking.
As a final thought…this is not about any one person just my thoughts on streaming. If you think this is about then you need to take a look at yourself and figure why the fuck would I waste my time singling you out.

In case you are keeping score:

Total fucks given in this post: 14

Total curse words in this post: 26