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We Crushed 2.5K Followers

Wow! The channel hit over 2,500 followers last night! I know this onboarding with Twitch recommending channels is helping out but I still feel that the channel is growing rapidly. Current concurrent viewers are 20-30 for all games that I play so this is fantastic. Again, I cannot thank the folks enough that support the […]

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The Channel Hit 2.25K Last Night

Just wanted to take the time to mention that the channel hit 2,250 followers last night! I am simply floored with the growth of the channel and the continued building and support of an awesome community that has been a part of the stream Last night’s stream was another great time with another giveaway in […]

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What the fuck is wrong with the word fuck on Twitch?

A thought….how is the word fuck worse than goddamn on Twitch? The reason behind this is I got called out for using the word “fark” in another streamer’s channel. The mod said that I was working around the filter for the oh so dreaded F word. Whoops my bad, I was just chatting and did […]

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SaintChops Hits That 2,000 Follower Mark!

Holy hell never thought I would get 200 people to follow my stream when I started almost a year ago. But here we are at that glorious 2,000 followers on Twitch! This is truly a great occasion for me and the stream is growing day by day. I have to thank to all that have supported […]

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SaintChops is a Humble Partner

As of today I was accepted as a Humble partner with Humble Bundle! Humble Bundle is a digital store-front that sells game, books, monthly subscriptions and game bundles that donate partial proceeds to various charities. This organizations has raised millions of dollars in donations across 50 different charities. We are excited to be a part […]

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